Transparency is key to our Business Ethos

Size guides / Model sizes

We want you to know how the garment fits (with a certain amount of assurance) before you buy. None of the models used in this website are professionals – they’ve all kindly offered their services in return for some pampering and champagne! They have also very kindly offered up their body dimensions (not just height and size) – so you can hopefully get a good feel for how an item will fit you by comparing your dimensions to our models.

It’s not an exact science – but it does hopefully give you some idea before you waste your time purchasing something that ends up fitting nothing like you hoped it would.  We obviously have a returns policy in place to cater for customer satisfaction – but we’d prefer no one actually needs to use it – so upfront transparency before you purchase is key to our brand. We want the items you order to look, feel and fit like you were expecting and hoping they would – so you’ll keep them, wear them, and love them!


Company Transparency

Peoples purchasing values vary as much as their body shapes. Knowing where products were made and how they came to be – their “story” so to speak – is deeply important to some people. We’ve lived the story here at Inner Monroe, so obviously it’s important to us! And we have nothing to hide.

Supporting Australian businesses has always been high on our list of business values, and it was obviously our preference to have our items made her in Australia, but after much research, it just wasn’t a viable option – at least to start with. Our vision for the future, was to have a premium range of garments made here in Australia, while retaining our regular overseas made garments to maintain viability. We have actually been able to introduce that earlier than expected and in July 2019 we launched the first of our Australian Made range with our A-line skirts made by a very talented local seamstress.

As you will see from the list below – Inner Monroe has endeavoured to use Australian based and owned small businesses wherever we are able to do so.


Founder and manager:  Australian small business

Company shareholders:  Australian based

Preliminary Sample Prep (material and seamstresses): Australian based mixed businesses

Website Development: Australian Small Businesses

Social Media: Australian Small Business

Procurement Agent: Australian Small Business

Third Party Logistics: Australian Small Business

Legal: Australian Small Business

Photography:  Australian Small Business

Product Manufacturing: A mixture of Chinese based manufacturers (all facilities visited except one – that is scheduled to be visited later in the year), and a local Queensland based seamstress.