Design Crew

Help us curate the future clothing ranges

Members of the Design Crew will:

  1. have a say on future styles, colours, prints and materials of future garments,
  2. have advanced knowledge of what’s due to be launched,
  3. receive a discount at checkout (using the Designer Crew Code).

Note: While recommendations and requests for particular styles and colours are openly welcome, please do not forward actual sketches of your ideas and suggestions. We have many designs at different stages of development, and given the huge overlap in styles in the fashion industry, we would prefer to avoid misunderstandings over design ideas and where they originated.

Inner Monroe aims to provide a feminine, stylish and comfortable option for all those beautiful multi-dimensional women out there who don’t fit neatly into traditional garment shapes.

Inner Monroe cannot solve every female fit issue yet – but we’re going to make a start…

We understand our garments are not perfect for every shape and curve, and we certainly don’t claim that they are – but we are committed to listening. We want to be reactive to the needs, wants and desires of our current and potential customers.

We do have hopes of expanding into more styles and size ranges in the future, and we want you to have your say.

Key Issues that we have tried to address with our opening range of garments:

 Length of garments.

Tops too short to “cover the hips” or dresses too short to “hide the thighs” are common issues that we wanted to address with our start up and future ranges.

  1. You will find all the Inner Monroe dresses and skirts are at least around knee length (dependent on height and body shape).
  2. You will find that our tops generally have a little extra length in them, than you may be used to seeing as well.

After a lifetime of wishing clothes were just that little bit longer, we’ve gone with the theory that you can generally take things up, but not take them down – hence the extra little bit of length in many garments.

Breast support.

If you are one of those lucky women who can go braless or can handle the irritation of strapless bras or “chicken fillet” stick ons – then we applaud your tolerance. For those that can’t, you may notice that most of our garments allow for full blown bust support in the form of your favourite bra.

Hiding the dreaded side-boob.

Everyone’s body shape is different of course, but we are committed to reducing visible side-boob, by experimenting with different styles and allowing extra coverage in that area. It is definitely an on-going process!


A key frustration in the past with the fashion industry, has been the perceived lack of shape once women get to a certain size. We have endeavored to allow some kind shape enhancement with every garment. This will be an ongoing process.

Our promise

We won’t spam you with endless emails. The time of year will greatly influence the amount of input we require and any updates we provide, however we commit to sending no more than 1 email per fortnight to your inbox. And of course, there will always be the Opt Out option for you at the end of every email.


If you don’t want to receive emails (as many understandably don’t), then you can always follow us on Instagram or Facebook and still have an opportunity to vote on colours etc, once the Design Crew have helped refine the options.

Instagram Tags and Reviews

We’d love to hear what you think of the garments, and we’d love to see it even more!  If you’re comfortable doing so, please upload a photo of yourself wearing it. Additionally, any body dimensions you can provide, may also help others to decide whether the item is what they are after and if it will fit their particular shape.

Informed Purchasing

Transparency is key to our business ethos, and we do not want our customers disappointed with their purchases wherever we can avoid it.  We don’t want to use ‘trickery’ and ‘illusion’ in our sales techniques, and will endeavor to provide as much information as possible for customers prior to purchase. Instagram tags and photographic reviews are key to providing potential customers with an objective critique of our garments.