About Us

The Inner Monroe Story

I’ve spent more than 25 years of my adult shopping life wishing somebody would wake up and realise that there is a whole market of ladies out there that are being grossly under catered for.

Then one day I realized that “somebody” could just as easily be me. Presto! “Inner Monroe” was born. Well it wasn’t quite that simple but that’s the highly abbreviated version! To be fair it was a long and hard road, but well worth the journey when I realise I’ve turned a lifetime of frustration into a passion.

What’s in a name?

I love the whole perfectly imperfect concept… None of us are truly faultless and perfect, and anyone who claims to be is only fooling themselves.  There’s nothing more genuine and appealing than someone who owns their flaws. It was a real struggle to find a name that reflected this concept that worked with the brand concept. Then I stumbled across an article about Marilyn Monroe…

Women come in all glorious shapes and forms and even though we celebrate our assets and strive to embrace our flaws, we don’t always feel like showing them off. Inner Monroe is about summoning your Inner Monroe. The late Ms Monroe was irrefutably beautiful, but by her own admission, she had insecurities like the rest of us. She clearly had a level of inner belief that kept her pushing forward – like fighting for fairer pay and being suspended for it, then starting her own production company to stand up to them.

Inner Monroe is about looking feminine and feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin (and clothing!).

Lisa Fanning

Founder, Inner Monroe


Vision statement

Inner Monroe aims to provide a feminine, stylish and comfortable option for all those multi-dimensional women out there who don’t fit neatly into traditional garment shapes.

  • Proportion? No two women are shaped exactly the same, so why should our clothing be restricted to a handful of sizes based on outdated proportions. How many women out there are “perfectly proportionate” anyway?
  • Size what? Here’s to the women who slip through the cracks of supposed traditional sizing.

Inner Monroe can’t solve every female fit issue yet – but we’re going to make a start…

Mission statement

Born out of frustration, Inner Monroe, uses real life, multi-dimensional models, with their proportions clearly listed, so that real women can see how the garment is likely to fit their own frame prior to purchasing.  We commit to full transparency of garment measurements so that customers can make informed decisions with their purchases.